Writing Prompt: Write a Fictional Craigslist Post

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A writing prompt can be a useful way to get the creative juices flowing. The idea is that writing a fictional craigslist post can provide a jumpstart. When I was first trying to write more I leaned heavily on the Missed Connection post.

The writer doesn’t have to write a missed connection, but the post should help the reader understand some questions about being human.

What is the story on an object someone is trying to sell?

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This is a picture I used for a story about selling a lamp.

Do objects have stories or do only some objects have stories? Is an object that has a story worth keeping or should it be sold? Maybe the person writing the post about trying to sell that lamp that he inhereited from his grandmother after she passed realizes that she told him there was a treasure map in the base that she had acquired when she was a pirate? Sounds like a novel to me, I’d read that.

How do people meet? What sort of encounter makes someone post that meeting to craigslist in the blind hope that the person felt the same way?

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Physical attraction is skin deep at best. I might have seen a Victoria’s Secret model in NYC in street clothes, but I never had an interaction so the physical is fleeting. What is the type of interaction that someone would remember for forever? What is the type of meeting that could change someone’s life forever? Movies are done on these types of meetings. Why is the kind of meeting that someone would go to craigslist and post their story for everyone to see and hope against all odds that the other person felt the same way?

Who do we want to live with?

Where do we want to work?

Who do we want to employ?

Why do we need to hire a freelance designers?

How do these questions related to craigslist posts reveal a deeper story?

If you the writer are stuck then give it a try.

Let me know what you think or post a version of your Craigslist post here or just give me a ❤. Perhaps a follow?

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