When your friend pull your hung over ass out of bed to bet on horses at the Kentucky Derby

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A breezy $225 dollars Mr. Porter

This pair of Oliver Spence striped cotton pyjama shorts might seem like a over valued investment, but there are a few scenarios where having them is essential.

Scenario A: After a long night of drinking, random encounters with women in clubs, and dancing to a Diplo DJ set nothing is better than a slice of pizza and pulling on your Oliver Spence pyjamas before getting some much needed sleep. Your friend who sold his app to Facebook for a B shows up at the crack of dawn knocking on your door with a bottle of champagne, yelling about how he chartered jet to the Kentucky Derby, and how you need to leave in the next 3 minutes or your seat is gone. Due to your high quality lounge wear all you need to do is throw on a blazer, slip into some brogues, and protect your eyes from the sun. Derby day in your pyjamas? Oliver Spence has got your back.

Scenario B: You have to go to brunch with your in-laws and you are too lazy to actually get changed.

This series will most likely continue. Sorry Mr. Porter tell me if I get too annoying and I’ll stop. If you like it then follow me -> Anthony Maiorana

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