When you get invited to some LAX event by your prep school co-workers

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A cool $290 for this oxford over Mr. Porter

At one point in college I had a bunch of friends or people I knew who seemed to have all gone to private high schools in Baltimore and they all played lacrosse (LAX for the uninitiated). The thing about guys who went to private school is that they know how to crush the prep look without even trying because it’s all the knew for 4–6 years while growing up. Their closets were already stocked with vast amounts of Polo and Vineyard Vines and it’s not even viable to compete in terms of volume. The only way to stand-out in the crowd wearing oxford cloth button downs (OCBD), boat shoes, and chinos is to beat them on the details or rock that 1998 Alice in Chains concert T you got when you were 11 sitting on your dad’s shoulders.

There is nothing special about a blue OCBD, but a blue OCDB from Officine Generale is French enough to not hit all the details perfectly like Ralph. A weird pocket, selvedge stiching and a very subtle curved hem could put someone over the top against a hammered 6' 2" former LAX champ.

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