What I Hope Oceans 8 Delivers

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I am a big fan of the Oceans movies with my favorite perhaps being Oceans 12 for reasons I discuss at length.

I am excited for Oceans 8 because of the broader universe, the cast the cameos, and from what I can tell in the trailers it should have the same look and feel of the last three movies.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable things for me with all of the Oceans movies is that they take place in the same continuous universe. All of the characters are in that world and in Oceans 8 I hope we see cameos from some of the characters in the other movies such as Andy Garcia, Vincent Cassel, or Catherine Zeta-Jones. I haven’t delved deep into the rumor mill or stalked what exactly has happened during filming because I want to be surprised at what pops up on the big screen.

Here are three things I’ll be looking for Oceans 8 to deliver.

1. The Oceans brand of humor was always something that let me re-watch the movies over and over again. I’ve picked two clips from YouTube that I feel accentuate the humor well. From what I can tell of the Oceans 8 trailer I think we will have at least some of it in there.

2. Vignettes of the characters either in flashback or in conversation. What makes the characters in an Oceans movie interesting is that they all seem to have odd backstories that we the audience are not always privy to and getting a deeper look into their past and their motivations provides much needed depth. I’ve taken two of my favorite from Oceans 12 below.

For instance through Oceans 11 to 13 we come to understand that Linus (Matt Damon) comes from a family of con artists and thieves. In the below clips we understand how Brad Pitt fell in love and how that relationship sets the whole stage for Oceans 12.

3. Dialog that is finished with acting is a hallmark of the Oceans movies and this is particularly evident between Rusty (Brad Pitt) and Danny (George Clooney). While a lot of the movies rely on sharp dialogue they also rely on the actors to say their lines without actually speaking.

For me it’s a small touch, but something I look forward to seeing in the next installment.

Anyone else excited for the movie?

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