The t-shirt to wear on a mini-retirement in Majorca

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A mild $100 for mini-retirement clothes over at Mr. Porter

This waffle knit t-shirt by Fanmail is the perfect summer island shirt. This is the type of t-shirt an aspiring photographer on assignment in Majorca wears when he is taking pictures all day. In reality that photographer is just your average paper pusher in some office. He read that 4 hour work week book by Tim Ferris and proceeded to buy a DSLR camera rig and a ticket to Majorca. This t-shirt is a strategic purchase because it says, “Hey, I’m understated and cool,” and “I’m artsy, but I don’t hate the establishment,” at the same time. For a photographer asking random women to model for him on the beach this is an essential thing to say without saying it outright. It also helps to just actually be understated and cool while also being artsy without having a rage against the machine attitude before you put on the shirt too. Oh and actually know how to work that ISO shit on cameras.

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