The sweater you wear when meeting your in-laws for that first joint holiday celebration

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This subtle and understated knit garment from The Elder Statesmen has details that are only visible up close. From a distance it lets you blend in with all of the other strug dudes rocking a grey sweater in December. Up close everyone will notice the subtle differences of how the knitting is blocked to create a unique texture and that it’s grey flecked with a rainbow of smaller threads. It’s the perfect garment for that first holiday celebration with your in-laws where you want them to think, “Oh Gary is so simple and humble in that grey sweater.” Then they get closer after a few glasses of wine and that crazy Aunt’s fingers linger a bit too long on your shoulder. Your Father in law breaks out his 21 year old single malt. A few glasses later your in-laws are saying how sophisticated you are while they brush up against your shoulders and the wifey is happy that you are integrating. Flex on your in-laws with this sweater and you might not ever leave. With great power comes great responsibility.

Note: This is my homage to the classic Four Pins website. I might write a few more because I find them extremely entertaining and I am sad that jon and his crew are no longer making fun of high end clothing. They did it best and I hope that staff is doing well.

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