The shirt for when your friend invites you to a fetish sex club in east Berlin

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Western Leather Shirt by Balenciage for $2500 over at Mr. Porter

Everyone has that one weird friend who drops awkward lines during normal conversation or who invites you out to strange events. In the event that this weird friend invites you to a club on a Saturday and about an hour before lets you know that it’s a sex club then this shirt from Balenciaga should be your first and only choice. The thing with fetish clubs is that you have probably never been to one so you don’t know whats going to pass as acceptable in terms of what to wear. Are there going to be a bunch of people in leather harnesses exposing way too much skin or just people wearing nothing but a pair of leather chaps?

This Balenciaga shirt screams out that you aren’t a complete idiot when it comes to sex club etiquette and its tame enough that you could probably wear it to a club. It’s got a certain Je ne sais quoi about it and it will lend that quality to your person for the night of it’s wearing. If worn during daylight hours you might turn into sex offender that has to keep a 50 yard distance from any playground or elementary school.

Wear with care.

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