Thank you for the reads, the follows, and the hearts.

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Thank you to everyone who was read my stories, posts, and comments. If you have followed me because you thought the things I write are good then its really that positive feed back that keeps me going.

Writing can be lonely, especially as a new writer on Medium. I never wanted to write things that I thought would get me the most “views” or give me some sort of “influence.” I just wanted to write things that I wanted to read and find some like minded individuals. The idea of writing for a living is a little daunting, but the idea of writing for myself and for others is something that I like right now.

I decided to start writing on Medium in July 2016. I wasn’t that good. I’m still not great, but I think I’m better. I hope in 2017 I’ll get even better. It feels like more a habit. It’s depressing to see something I work hard on just fall on it’s face and have no one care about it, but at least I got it out of my head and into the world. If the world deems that it’s shit or unworthy then fine. At least I tried.

Some of the best work that I’ve done has gotten very little in terms of views. It’s a play about two meeting in DC, falling for each other a bit and then going their separate ways for a long time until they meet again. It’s called 14th Street to Chicago. Only 7 people have read it. Maybe Medium isn’t a great place for playwrights, or maybe I’m not very good a writing plays.

A different post I wrote on a whim was on the front page of Medium for awhile. It’s a Missed Connection called You Stole my Mussels at Granville Moores and it’s one of my most read posts ever. I think it took me about 10 minutes to write. I hope it was enjoyable for a lot of people.

I don’t think I could written these stories in July 2016 and I’ll do better in 2017.

I was watching some Gary Vaynerchuk videos the other day and he reminded me that being thankful for any sort of following, views, and reads on any sort of internet platform is the key to longevity. Also, patience.

If you are reading this and don’t know who I am. Explore more of my stuff by clicking on → Anthony Maiorana and browsing some of my stuff. Follow me if you think it’s cool. It’s a collection of mostly fiction and some non-fiction. Or just leave a ❤ , or tell me suck in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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