Missed Connection: You stole my mussels at Granville Moore’s

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This isn’t actually from Granville Moores because they don’t have table clothes

I was at Granville Moore’s last week sitting at the bar upstairs having dinner with a friend and you were sitting next to me with your boyfriend. My friend had to go home for an emergency with his dog sitter and something about knitting needles. Coincidentally your significant other had to leave too a few minutes later. You commented to me that maybe my friend and your boyfriend were having a secret affair. I said it was possible, but if anyone was going to leave me in the middle of a bowl of mussels from Granville Moores for another romantic interest then that person was the one missing out. You laughed and said that you actually knew he was cheating and that you were as well. I was shocked to say the least, but when I went to the bathroom and came back you had taken off and my bowl of mussels was gone. The bartender said you threw down a 100 dollar bill and took off when his back was turned. The bowl of mussels was not returned to the kitchen.

I think it was really bold what you did there by stealing my mussels. Was that a sign that you wanted me to chase you? Anyway, if you are reading this let me know and we can split a bowl of mussels and frites.

I’m returning to the missed connection genre… is it a genre? Maybe I’m rusty. Anyway if you like give me a ❤ and follow → Anthony Maiorana

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