Missed Connection: Singapore to Los Angeles

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I’ve never done this before, but I felt that I needed to at least try so I could go to sleep at night. We were both sitting in the emergency exit seats and you commented on the fact that there didn’t seem to be any crying babies for our flight. That led us to talking about how you are a children’s book writer and that I was coming back from assignment as a stringer for the LA Times in south eastern Asia. My boyfriend left me for some Katoi in Bangkok our 2nd month there. You were visiting your grandmother and had spoken to some companies about translating your work into Chinese, but that you wanted a new illustrator specifically for the Asian market so that white culture of the west wouldn’t have another foothold in Asia. If you are reading this message contact me with what I was wearing and how I like my coffee or if you don’t remember that tell me what I kept stealing from your in-flight meal

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