Missed Connection: SF Airport Starbucks

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I know this is a long shot, but we were both at Starbucks in San Francisco and we both ordered double espresso shots right after each other. I remarked at how strange someone else in America might order an espresso shot and you replied that you had spent a few years in Spain. We chatted while our espressos cooled and we both drank them like my grandfather Enzo taught me — all at once and standing. We walked together for a few minutes to close out our discussion on the state of Israel and Palestine. You helped me with my carry on that you predicted would have to be gate checked. I would love to get another espresso with you perhaps in another airport if you travel as much as I do. Message me if you remember what brand my trench coat was since you commented on it and I told you where it was from. And tell me what happened with your boat.

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