Missed Connection: Our Kids are Friends

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So this is kind of weird, especially for someone at my age, I don’t even know how dating works anymore. My co-worker told me I should put up this missed connection ad. If you are a scammer don’t contact me. I was playing with my daughter at the playground near the 9th street entrance in Prospect Park this last Sunday. I’ve been a single parent for five years now and between work and being with my daughter its tough to meet people. You were playing with your son in the same park and our kids just sort of decided to be friends on the spot. We talked for a whole hour at the park and you bought us all ice cream cones. You should let me return the favor by getting us a coffee on the slope. I doubt I’ll see you again, but I’ll try to take my daughter more to the same playground in hopes of seeing you again in case you don’t read this post, which I’m sure you won’t. If you do happen to tell me my favorite ice cream flavor and what I do for a living.

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