Missed Connection: Broken Phone at the Gym

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I was at Crunch in Midtown this morning running sprints on the treadmill. You were the cute guy on the elliptical with red headphones in the blank tank top. My headphones fell out and then my phone fell down on the treadmill and it went halfway across the gym. I was so embarrassed because I was thinking about approaching you. Anyway, I didn’t and I regret it. I know you saw because you found part of my phone case that broke off about ten minutes later and handed it to me. You were really sweet. I’m kind of new to the city and I don’t know how dating works here. My coworkers were telling me that Tinder is the best way for a fast connection, but it just seems weird to me. So I’m giving this a try. If you are reading this let me know what I was wearing and what color was my phone case.

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