Missed Connection: Awkward Pizza Encounter

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Hey, I know this is a long shot. Shit, I bet every missed connection post starts with some form of “I don’t do this normally,” or “This is a long shot.” Anyway, I’m trying this thing where I’m trying to be more honest with my thoughts and actions. It’s why I’m trying not to edit anything I write in this Craigslist post. I don’t want some over edited version of myself to portrayed here, or at least that’s what I’m experimenting with. Sorry, this is getting kind of long now and I’m a bit off topic.

I was riding the A uptown and we both got off at the same stop. As we were going through the turnstiles your jacket got caught and I helped you get it unstuck. You smiled at me and thanked me and I said you were welcome. This sort of thing happens all the time and I normally wouldn’t write about it on the internet. But then I was walking to the bar to meet my friends and you were outside smoking a cigarette. I said “what’s up,” and you sort of just smiled and didn’t say anything.

At this point I thought you were maybe having a bad day or just didn’t want to talk to some random dude. Then, later that night when I was getting a slice with my buddy Adam you stumbled in and I guess you had a few drinks. You then looked right at me and pointed and yelled, “You are the hot guy who keeps following me!”

I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable in that we ended up seeing each other so many times in succession a huge city. I told you that, “I was here first and I’m halfway done my slice.” Me and my friend left because you started yelling that I was a stalker. I’m not a stalker. You were pretty and I guess you have run into a bunch of creepy guys in your life, especially in Murray Hill, which is where we ended up that night.

Anyway, I hope you find some peace in your life because you seemed pretty stressed. I’d be willing to listen to your problems if you want since the universe seemed to throw us so close to each other in such a short time frame. If you are reading this and remember what happened then feel free to get in touch.

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