Missed Connection: Appalachian Trail

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I’m not sure where on craigslist to put this, but I put under the nearest town on the map, Frederick. There isn’t a good way to post location on the Appalachian Trail, I supposed GPS coordinates would do, but I don’t have those. We met at that campsite near the South Mountain Inn — the one that had showers. You were SoBo and I was NoBo. You told me you were meeting up with some friends around Weaverton Cliffs so you could have some company while on your hike and that maybe you were going to take off a day or two for lazy river tubing with a big cooler full of beer. I ended up deciding to hike into that little town called Boonsboro and stayed two nights at some really expensive hotel owned by that romance writer. I wish I had invited you to come with me. You were super nice in sharing your campfire and some of your dehydrated food. I had just run out and was subsisting on protein bars, seeds, and some peanut butter for days. You have no idea how good those carbohydrates tasted to me. Anyway, if you do manage to finish the trail in one piece and make it back to Wisconsin let me know. I’d like to visit the United States more.

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