Missed Connection: 9:30 Club DJ Set

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You might not remember me, but we were both at the Late Night Tuff Guy DJ set at the 9:30 club. We were both near the front dancing pretty intensely by ourselves and we started that dance circle during “Do You Wanna Get Down” remix that took on a life of its own and there were some dance offs going. You challenged me and you kind of won — barely. I’m open for a rematch. Anyway, you took me outside for a quick joint as my consolation prize and then we did some shots at the bar. My friends found me at the point and kind of ruined things by trying to hit on your friends pretty hard and I think you left or I lost you. Anyway, I would be down for meeting up again and maybe we could get some drinks and talk a little bit more and I still want a rematch on that dance off. Let me know what you were wearing that night and your preference on bourbon.

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