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The garlic needs to be smaller Chase thought as he reviewed his diced up clove on the cutting board. He made a few more passes with his knife trying to get them to be a bit smaller and then applied some pressure with the flat of his blade to help release some of the oils. He then slide them to the side and started on the onion.

A little bit bigger he thought as his knife passed through the onion and adjusted the size of the cut. Half an onion was all he could take as his eyes started to water and his nose was burning. Besides, people didn’t like guacamole that had too much onion.

The tomato was next and he could feel the eyes of the people watching on him, waiting for him to make a mistake, waiting to see if this guy could make a simple guacamole or not. A plump and deep red Roma stared back up at him from the cutting board and Chase split it down the middle and then the halves down the middle as well, and then halved one more time. He cut chunky cross sections while trying to maintain the juice and water of the tomato. Finally, the last addition was the jalapeno. Chase cut off a small piece of the pepper and popped it into his mouth.

The thing most people didn’t understand about peppers is that they all tend to bring different amounts of heat when taking into account the growing conditions and what variety of jalapeno they were. The pepper burned a bit more intense than usual on his tongue so Chase chopped a quarter and diced it up about the size of the onions. A few murmurs from the audience on his decision to only use a quarter of the pepper we around the table.

Chase picked up the cutting board and slid his ingredients into the bowl of sliced avocados and started the mashing and mixing and threw in a few squirts of his pre-cut limes and a few dashes of salt. He felt the thickness approach the consistency perfect for a thin tortilla chip and he stopped. He picked up the bowl and placed it on the middle of the table. The diners’ eyes went immediately to the guacamole and Chase faded to the background.

“Enjoy your evening everyone and please enjoy the guacamole”

The woman at the head of the table finished her first bite and exclaimed, “Oh my God — this is so good.”

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