Lumber Jack Costume : An Excuse to Buy Expensive Jackets

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Skipping the work of being a lumberjack to just look like one for $1380 at Mr. Porter

Halloween is one of those nights where we can dress up in the most ridiculous shit ever and no one bats an eye (well, except if you are white and you go black face). The creation of a costume is a sacred ritual where money, effort, time, and creative power flow unabated until the ensemble is complete. This $1380 shearling lined jacket is essentially an instant Lumber Jack costume — just add jeans and steel toed boots. The cost seems prohibitive right?

Well, the New York Times did a piece about being middle class in New York City. The middle class of a Manhattanite falls somewhere between $80–235k. This instant Lumber Jack costume would take someone making $80k/year a little under a week pre-tax to earn. This comes out to about 38 dollars/hour pre-tax. If you find yourself spending about 30–40 hours on making your halloween costume consider buying this Instant Lumber Jack costume for the value of that work. Seems more affordable when it’s framed in that way.

Or if you just want to buy this jacket cause you think it looks cool and you need an excuse just deploy the “It’s my halloween costume this year.”

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