Living the High Low Life

  1. Where you live
  2. What you eat
  3. How much fun you have
  1. How many rooms is your house and how many more rooms can be converted to bedrooms and what is the going rate for a room in Omaha Nebraska? — Can you rent out every room and live in a used Van?
  2. Can you drive a beat up used car for the next ten years?
  3. Can you cut back on food expenses to bare minimums? Think about food stamps and surviving on them
  4. Can you shop for all your clothes at Goodwill or just not buy anything new for the next year?
  1. You are living in a van parked in a Wal-Mart, but your house is now generating positive cash flow.
  2. There is no car payment
  3. You don’t eat out much and your cost of food has gone down to less than $200/month
  1. Travel to Europe or Latin America for a month
  2. Go to graduate school and get an MBA
  3. Pay off all your debt
  4. Invest more money into the stock market
  5. Investing into tools to become a furniture maker
  6. Going to every baseball stadium in the country
  7. Getting season tickets to the Ravens (Baltimore what up).
  8. Become a rock climber in your spare time
  9. Go full Thoreau and build a cabin next to a lake and live in it for a year
  10. Only eat at restaurants and start a food blog by siphoning Starbucks WiFi at night and become a minor league Anthony Bourdain

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