Letter to the calculus class — I failed, but I want to give someone back their notes.

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Dear Professor Klineberg,

Can you forward this to the class in hopes that the person in question will respond and I can return the notebook? See you next semester.



To the nice person who sat near my in class,

We were in the same honors class last semester and you always sat a few seats over from me in the same row of the lecture hall. You are cute and diligent in your note taking, but I would show up completely hung and reeking of alcohol. I tried to take notes once, but it looked more like an art project from a toddler with a crayon. Towards the end of the semester I asked you if I could borrow some of your notes and you look startled that I was speaking to you. But you handed over a beautiful notebook full of what I thought you had typed. When I was studying for the final realized you had actually hand drawn everything. Anyway, I photocopied it and was planning on giving it back to you in class. Then there was that snowstorm and class got canceled for a week and we ended up doing a take home final instead of trying to get through the snow to take a test.

Needless to say I tried to learn a whole semester of calculus in about a week and it didn’t go so well for me. I’ll be taking the class again next semester and your level of dedication to note taking was a bit inspiring. I especially liked the random notes you would write in your notebook as class went on and I noticed a few that were pertinent to myself. Yes, I do own deodorant. No, my parents did not donate a million dollars so I could go here. As for the other things I could talk to you more in person if you want to meet up so I can give you back your notebook. Math isn’t my favorite subject, but if your father was my father then you don’t ever stop hearing about math. I also owe you at least a coffee for not having your notes for so long.

Anyway, your notebook is in pristine condition. Please let me know if you want it.

Thanks Again,


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