Illegal Hound Racing in the Wales Countryside

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Limited time deal on this Gucci Checked Wool Suit for $2980 over at Mr. Porter

This offering from Gucci is a splashy suit with the colors, fit, and price. The overall look and feel of this Checked Wool Suit makes me think of RockNRolla by Guy Ritche. This suit is something that a mob boss would wear to the monthly illegal hound race just outside of Cardiff. The type of race where the race track is just a muddy ring that has been roped off with rope from the bargain bin from the pharmacy down the street and the hounds are all retired racing hounds. There’s probably a guy selling chips that are kinda soggy and the bookie is telling everyone about how a hound by the name of Shaggy Racer is going to win. Only a few people know that Drunk Wind will get a hot shot just before the race. The mob boss wearing this Gucci suit knows and he’s got a few thousand quid on the race. The payout should be enough to buy his girlfriend a knockoff Tiffany’s necklace and his wife an actual set of Tiffany’s earrings. BANG the gun goes off and about five minutes later Drunk Wind collapses because the shot he got before the race was too much. A hound by the name of Gypsy Queen wins and a bunch of gypsies on the far side of the track start cheering.

At least the suit looks good in the English countryside.

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