I Don’t Wanna Fight No More

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Dear Darling,

It’s been one week since I left Earth. I think I’ve gotten used to just about everything so far that I told you about in my last few emails. I’m still having trouble with liquids, but I’m getting better. The view from space this past week has been beautiful. We are truly so small in comparison to the Earth and the Universe at large.

We have finished all of our safety checks, refueled, and prepared everything for our long journey to Mars. We are still estimating just under a year with 280 Earth days until we get there to Mars orbit. Hendricks, McCoy, and Shakes will be the first team to go down to the surface and set-up the Dome and then will come back up once they have secured it. My team will then go down and we will conduct our experiments to assess if life is possible on the planet. So our total time in or orbiting Mars will be about a year and then about under a year to get back to Earth.

I know you are upset about me going on this mission, but I’m doing it for you. Maybe your grandchildren will be here establishing the first colony on Earth. I wouldn’t trust anyone but who we have here with what we are attempting. I’m with people I’ve admired my whole career. I know you were upset when I told you and I hope you will understand in time. I love you more than anything and its why I’m doing this. I’m doing this for you and for our whole family. I hope that you can forgive me when I return. The farther we get from Earth the longer it will take for our messages to get to you. Please write to me.

Love you always,


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