How to get mistaken as a local in a European city

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310 bones for these gray trousers over Mr. Porter

This one time me and my buddy were riding the Paris subway and we heard someone speaking English with an American accent. Of course we immediately went over and started talking to this person and he was surprised because he thought we were French. It took us awhile to figure out why he thought that (we were super hung over), but it was because we had gotten some slim well fitted pants a few days ago. These Barena trousers remind me of those pants that made me look French to an American. Think about the possibilities in a bar where it’s too loud to talk and you decided to start drinking red wine because you heard Reservatrol is good for you. People might think you are weird, but if you adopt the right attitude you could pull off French until you have to speak. Notice the buttons for the suspenders as opposed to the fake clip on hipster bullshit. These trousers will take you from Paris to Williamsburg and possibly to the Hamptons with two girls named Mina and Minny. Just remember to call them pantaloons (that’s French for pants).

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