Garment Dye Accidents For Cheap

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This Lanvin Polo is on sale for only 200 dollars (Down from 1000). What a deal!

Clothes are usually only really interesting when they have a story. I’ve got this t-shirt that I bought from an American Apparel because I wanted to wear something neon for a Pretty Lights concert. The guy working at American Apparel was hitting on me and then gave me his ticket because he didn’t have anyone to go with (I think he wanted me to invite him to go with me?). I scalped the ticket on the street immediately and was able to recoup my t-shirt costs. That shirt is a little ridiculous in how bright it is, but the guys over at Lanvin had a similar idea with this long sleeved Merino wool polo. Wearing this shirt could give the impression to people that you used to work in a garment dying factory as the foreman (do they have foremen in garment dying factories?). There was a freak accident where a huge vat of grey dye spilled and you got caught in the spill just above your waist. Standing still is the only option in those situations because it’s a MERINO WOOL POLO MADE BY LANVIN AND IT COSTS MORE THAN MY CAR. Yeah, I drive a cheap car. Sometimes accident’s result in beautiful art. There is this guy I know who does oil on canvas portraits of naked women. He is believable because he wears paint stained shirts out to bars and girls believe he is an artist. I’m not sure what a garment dye accident gets you though.

I’m paying homage to the satirical Menswear dudes that used to run out of that Magazine named Complex. Wish they were still dropping gems on the internet. If you liked give me a ❤ or follow Anthony Maiorana.

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