For when the world ends and you need to survive with the clothes on your back

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Tons of value for $895 over at Mr. Porter

So I just finished reading World War Z awhile ago and the oral history of the zombie apocalypse reminded me of a few things. The first was that a first person narrative can be constantly re-positioned in a anthology to tell first hand accounts of a tragedy. The second was that when the world ends packing up your car is probably not going to be a feasible thing when trying to run away from zombies. World War Z really made me think that if shit hits the fan and we gotta make a run for it then our everyday wear should be functional and versatile. For instance this Burberry trench is very versatile. It would protect from the rain and keep the wind out. In the desert it would definitely come in handy during a crazy sandstorm and paired with the right Keffiyeh it make you into a steampunk version of The Scorpion King (I think Scorpion King was kind of like a zombie right? PATIENT ZERO?). Just gotta figure out what Robert Langdon wears for his shoes when he is running around Rome and saving the world.

I miss reading Four-Pins. This is my homage to fashion copy writing. If you like reading this then follow me Anthony Maiorana

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