For that time when you need to wait for your friends outside the Charvet store in Paris

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Over at Mr. Porter this is a cool $540 dollars aka 1/2–1 month’s rent (depending on the city).

If you don’t know who Charvet is and why they charge 540 dollars for a Purple shirt then go to Paris and check out their store on 28 Place Vendôme. It’s across from the really expensive Hyatt where teenagers are waiting to catch a glimpse of whatever celebrity is staying there. This is the McClaren of shirting for guys. I say McClaren because that’s the car one would bring to win a race on the Nuremburg track. Charvet is the shirt one might wear to the IPO of their company or to sit across the table from investors in a hostile takeover. Or it can be the shirt you are wearing while standing outside of the Charvet store while your friends are grabbing their stuff from a sketchy Airbnb store on the other side of Paris. Police continuously patrol Place Vendôme. When you are standing outside of Charvet after the coffee place down the street closed, but you still are mooching the fast WiFi then this shirt is like instant legitimacy in my mind. The difference between loitering and waiting for friends often just comes down to appearance and nothing looks better than a 540 dollar shirt from Charvet except maybe getting out of a McClaren while wearing said shirt.

This is a continuation of my homage to the satirists who started making fun of really expensive Men’s clothing. You can find more really expensive stuff over at Mr. Porter and you can read more of stuff if you follow Anthony Maiorana.

Thank you for reading!

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