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I’m selling my truck. Its a red 2004 Ford 150 with a V8, full cab, full bed, and trailer hitch already set-up. Its got 4 wheel drive and is an automatic cause backing up a trailer with a manual is a bitch. I used to haul horses for the track when my sister in law’s rich cousin thought he was gonna break into raising horses. I’ve had this truck for 11 years and it ain’t given me any issues aside from what any automobile will give. The brakes are about a year old, trans and brakes been flushed recently and wheels been aligned every time I get the oil changed. My son got the bed sprayed with that line-x stuff so it’s pretty good when you are hauling mulch or dirt and you don’t have to worry bout scratching the paint. The tires are goodyears and they have about twenty thousand miles on them. The miles on this baby are kinda high about 150 thousand, but I’ve taken good care of her and I reckon she’s got at least another 50 to hundred thousand left in her. I’m asking for five thousand or best offer.

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