For Sale: Hand Carved Lamp — Easter Island

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This vintage lamp is part of the estate sale from my grandparent’s house. They have since moved in with my parents and I’m trying to help sell a lot of their unwanted stuff on Craigslist. This lamp was my reading lamp when I was a kid during the winters when my mom was out on assignment overseas and my dad was too drunk to do anything except order pizza (he stopped drinking years ago). I used to read a lot of fantasy fiction and think about what my mom was doing overseas and if she was getting into adventures like the ones in the books I was reading. I later realized she was covering international trade and commodities and the biggest adventures she had was a weird run on steel in China when I was in high school. Anyway, this lamp was hand carved in Easter Island and my grandparents got it there on a trip a long time ago. I always felt like he was there protecting me while my parents weren’t around. It’s really almost a piece of art, but we just don’t have enough space. I’m asking 50 dollars or best offer.

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