A Collection of Missed Connections

When I joined Medium in July 2016 it was really to publish some ideas on writing a craigslist story known as the Missed Connection. Here is a collection of my missed connections to date. This is based on a writing pompt that I have also published. All of this is fiction is essentially a writing archive. Chronological order from latest to oldest.

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I clearly got this from Selfpublishingrelief.com via Google Image search for “Collection of Short Stories”

Missed Connections: Cigarettes Outside The Wing Bar — Real wing spot in Brooklyn, NY. First place I ate when I moved to Brooklyn. This is fiction.

You Stole My Mussels at Granville Moores — Real restaurant in Washington DC. The first meal I ever had there was actually the leftovers from a beer vendor who didn’t really eat anything and had to leave early.

Appalachian Trail — People meet on the AT everyday and I always wondered what happens up there deep out on the trail that is shared by so many strangers.

Our Kids are Friends — I used to go running in Brooklyn on the weekends through Prospect part and I would always see parents talking on the benches watching their kids play. I wondered if some single parents had ever met and went on a date.

Awkward Pizza Encounter — A weird drunken encounter that can happen at night. We all end up eating late night pizza no matter what bars we were in earlier. It’s the great equalizer.

Broken Phone at the Gym — People workout at gyms. How do people meet at gyms?

9:30 Club DJ Set —Danceoffs during a DJ set can change people forever.

Washington D.C.-Russia House — I never actually went in here when I lived near DC, but I always imagined what could happen.

Manhattan Bound R Train — People meet on trains all the time in Manhattan. This has probably happened at some point.

SF Airport Starbucks — People talk to each other when they order similar obscure drinks.

Washington D.C. — I guess I was lazy when I was first naming these things. It takes place in D.C. and you’ll have to read to figure out what happens.

Columbus — Cancer patient at a Columbus Diner.

Singapore to Los Angeles — Meeting a person on a plane is always a coin toss. What if that person is crazy? What if that person is a soul-mate? Asking is usually the hardest part.

If you liked any of these please let me know, give me a follow, or a ❤. Thank you for checking me out.

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